3D Touch Panel Interface Using an Autostereoscopic Display
T. Niikura and T. Komuro

FloTree: A Multi-touch Interactive Simulation of Evolutionary Processes
K. Chua, Y. Qin, F. Block, B. Phillips, J. Diamond, E. M. Evans, M. S. Horn, and C. Shen

SynFlo: An Interactive Installation Introducing Synthetic Biology Concepts
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MoClo Planner: Supporting Innovation in Bio-Design through Multi-touch Interaction
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Fluid Surface: Interactive water surface display for viewing information in a bathroom
Y. Takahashi, Y. Matoba, and H. Koike

Flexible Surfaces for Interactive Audio
J. Rowland and A. Freed

8D Display: A Relightable Glasses-Free 3D Display
M. Hirsch, S. Izadi, H. Holtzman, and R. Raskar

Skin Games
A. Cassinelli, J. Angesleva, G. Frasca, M. Ishikawa

Augmented Paper for Learning Geometry
Q. Bonnard, A. Legge, F. Kaplan, and P. Dillenbourg

X. Xiao

D. Leithinger


Novel Interaction Techniques Using Touch-sensitive Tangibles in Tabletop Environments
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Touch-Consistent Perspective for Direct Interaction under Motion Parallax
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Quantitative Evaluation of an Illusion of Fingertip Motion
H. Okabe, T. Hachisu, M. Sato, S. Fukushima, and H. Kajimoto

Seamless Integration of Mobile Devices into Interactive Surface Environments
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Control of Ridge by Using Visuotactile Cross-Modal Phenomenon
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Perceived Intensity of Click Sensation for Small Touchscreen Devices
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ITS in the Classroom: Perspectives on Using a Multi-touch Classroom
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Development of a Context-enhancing Surface based on the Entrainment of Embodied Rhythms and Actions Sharing via Interaction
M. Yamamoto, Y. Shigeno, R. Kawabe, and T. Watanabe

Tangible Interactions on a Flat Panel Display Using Actuated Paper Sheets
K. Amano and A. Yamamoto

Revisiting Hovering: Interaction Guides for Interactive Surfaces
V. Cheung, J. Heydekorn, S. Scott, and R. Dachselt

An Immersive Surface for 3D Interactions
Y. Takeuchi abd M. Sugimoto

Amazing Forearm as an Innovative Interaction Device and Data Storage on Tabletop Display
S. Koura, S. Suo, A. Kimura, F. Shibata, and H. Tamura

Development of Wall Amusement with Infrared Radars
Y. Kimura, H. Ohta, A. Karino, and T. Takami

PiMarking: Co-Located Collaborative Digital Annotating on Large Tabletops
Y. Qin, C. Wu, and Y. Shi

Tool Support for Developing Scalable Multiuser Applications on Multi-Touch Screens
I. Leftheriotis, K. Chorianopoulos, and L. Jaccheri

Mobile Assistant: Enhancing Desktop Interaction Using Mobile Phone
H. Xia, J. Zhang, Y. Zhu, C. Yu, and Y. Shi

WALDEN: Multi-Surface Multi-Touch Simulation of Climate Change and Species Loss in Thoreau’s Woods
B. Schneider, M. Tobiasz, C. Willis, and C. Shen

Comparing the Effect of Interactive Tabletops and Desktops on Students’ Cognition
S. Salehi, B. Schneider, and P. Blikstein

uEmergency: A Collaborative System for Emergency Management on Very Large Tabletop
Y. Qin, J. Lie, C. Wu, and Y. Shi

Bridging Private and Shared Interaction Surfaces in Co-located Group Settings
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BrainExplorer: An Innovative Tool for Teaching Neuroscience
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