Below is the ITS 2012 program.
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Sunday, November 11

All Day Doctoral Symposium
All Day Workshop 1: Beyond Flat Displays
9:00 am Tutorial 1: Beyond Flat Displays
10:30 am Break
11:00 am Tutorial 2: Open Exhibits
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Tutorial 3: Sketching the user experience
3:00 pm Break
3:30 pm Tutorial 4: High Performance Interactive Surface Possibilities
5:00 pm Welcome Reception

Monday, November 12

9:00 am Opening Remarks (Conference Chairs) & Opening Keynote (Pattie Maes)
10:15 am Break
11:00 am Paper Session: "Interacting in 3d"
Session Chair: Miguel Nacenta, University of St. Andrews

Investigating Selection above a Multi-touch Surface
D. Pyryeskin, M. Hancock, and J. Hoey

Direct Manipulation and the Third Dimension: Co-Planar Dragging on 3D Displays
M. Möllers, P. Zimmer, and J. Borchers

Evaluation of Depth Perception for Touch Interaction with Stereoscopic Rendered Objects
D. Valkov, A. Giesler, and K. Hinrichs

12:30 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Paper Session: "Multiple Displays and Devices"
Session Chair: Mark Hancock, University of Waterloo

Gradual Engagement: Facilitating Information Exchange between Digital Devices as a Function of Proximity
N. Marquardt, T. Ballendat, S. Boring, S. Greenberg, and K. Hinckley

Eliciting Usable Gestures for Multi-Display Environments
T. Seyed, C. Burns, M.C. Sousa, F. Maurer, and A. Tang

MobiSurf: Improving Co-located Collaboration through Integrating Mobile Devices and Interactive Surfaces
J. Seifert, A. Simeone, D. Schmidt, P. Holleis, C. Reinartz, M. Wagner, H. Gellersen, and E. Rukzio

3:30 pm Break
4:00 pm Paper Session: "Surfaces in the Wild"
Session Chair: Anthony Tang, University of Calgary

Tabletop Games for Photo Consumption at Theme Parks
E. Anstead, A. Durrant, S. Benford, and D. Kirk

Investigating Menu Discoverability on a Digital Tabletop in a Public Setting
M. Seto, S. Scott, and M. Hancock

Re-Collision: a Collision Reconstruction Forensics Tabletop Interface (Note)
M. Tozser, N. Sultanum, E. Sharlin, K. Rutherford, and C. Foster

5:15 pm Break
7:30 pm Conference Dinner Banquet

Tuesday, November 13

9:30 am Paper Session: "Off the Wall: Free-space Interactions with TVs and Projected Displays"
Session Chair: Frederic Vernier, Universite Paris-Sud

Investigating Mid-Air Pointing Interaction for Projector Phones
C. Winkler, K. Pfeuffer, and E. Rukzio

Web on the Wall: Insights from a Multimodal Interaction Elicitation Study
M.R. Morris

Kinected Browser: Depth Camera Interaction for the Web (Note)
D. Liebling and M.R. Morris

10:45 am Break
11:15 am Paper Session: "Surfaces in Education"
Session Chair: Hrvoje Benko, Microsoft Research

A Collaborative Environment for Engaging Novices in Scientific Inquiry
C. Valdes, M. Ferreirae, T. Feng, H. Wang, K. Tempel, S. Liu, and O. Shaer

Orchestrating a Multi-tabletop Classroom: From Activity Design to Enactment and Reflection
R.M. Maldonado, Y. Dimitriadis, J. Kay, K. Yacef, and M.-T. Edbauer

Combinatorix: a Tangible User Interface that Supports Colaborative Learning of Probabilities (Note)
B. Schneider, P. Blikstein, and W. Mackay

12:30 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Paper Session: "Pens and Paper"
Session Chair: Andrew Wilson, Microsoft Research

Tangible Paper Interfaces: Interpreting Pupils's Manipulations (Best Paper Nominee)
Q. Bonnard, P. Jermann, A. Legge, F. Kaplan, and P. Dillenbourg

Empirical Evaluation of Uni- and Bimodal Pen and Touch Interaction Properties on Digital Tabletops
F. Matulic and M. Norrie

Hand-rewriting: Automatic Rewriting Similar to Natural Handwriting (Best Paper Nominee)
T. Hashida, K. Nishimura, and T. Naemura

3:30 pm Break
4:00 pm Paper Session: "Touching with Precision"
Session Chair: Brygg Ullmer, Louisiana State University

Towards the Keyboard of Oz: Learning Soft-Keyboard Models from Raw Optical Sensor Data
J. Edelmann, P. Mock, A. Schilling, P Gerjets, W. Rosenstiel, and W Straβer

Finger and Hand Detection for Multi-Touch Interfaces Based on Maximally Stable Extremal Regions
P. Ewerling, A. Kulik, and B. Froehlich

Measuring the Linear and Rotational User Precision in Touch Pointing (Best Paper Nominee)
F. Bérard and A. Rochet-Capellan

5:30 pm Town Hall Meeting
6:30 pm Break
7:30 pm Demos & Posters Reception (MIT Media Lab)
Pub crawl after the demo reception starting at CBC

Wednesday, November 14

9:30 am Chair Announcements
9:45 am Paper Session: "Interaction Techniques and Widgets"
Session Chair: Raimund Dachselt, Technische Universitat Dresden

SnapRail: A Tabletop User Interface Widget for Addressing Occlusion by Physical Objects (Note)
G. Furumi, D. Sakamoto, and T. Igarashi

HandyWidgets: Local Widgets Pulled-out from Hands (Note)
T. Yoshikawa, B. Shizuki, and J. Tanaka

Pseudo-Weight: Making Tabletop Interaction with Virtual Objects More Tangible (Note)
C. Keller, R. Blanch
Publication of this paper is pending resolution of some legal issues.

10:30 am Break
11:00 am Paper Session: "Understanding Users"
Session Chair: Niklas Elmqvist, Purdue University

Touch, Click, Navigate: Comparing Tabletop and Desktop Interaction for Map Navigation Tasks
E. Beheshti, A. Van Davender, and M. Horn

Microanalysis of Active Reading Behavior to Inform Design of Interactive Desktop Workspaces
M. Hong, A.M. Piper, N. Weibel, S. Olberding, and J. Hollan

"I didn’t mean that!”: Technical Challenges in Interpreting Children’s Touch and Gesture Input in Mobile Contexts
L. Anthony, Q. Brown, J. Nias, B. Tate, and S. Mohan

12:30 pm Brown Bag Lunch
2:30 pm Paper Session: "Interacting with Information Using Surfaces"
Session Chair: Juergen Steimle, MIT Media Lab

Branch-Explore-Merge: Facilitating Real-Time Revision Control in Collaborative Visual Exploration
W. McGrath, B. Bowman, D. McCallum, J.D. Hincapié-Ramos, N. Elmqvist, and P. Irani

Use Your Head: Tangible Windows for 3D Information Spaces in a Tabletop Environment (Best Paper Nominee)
M. Spindler, W. Büschel, and R. Dachselt

TouchWave: Kinetic Multi-touch Manipulation for Hierarchical Stacked Graphs (Best Paper Nominee)
D. Baur, B. Lee, and S. Carpendale

4:00 pm Break
4:30 pm Closing Keynote (Andy Wilson, Microsoft Research) & Closing Remarks (Conference Chairs)
6:15 pm Farewell!